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The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and legacy organizations for youth leadership such 4-H, FFA and the NCSU Shelton Leadership Center are cultivating a team of interdisciplinary professionals/departments/agencies to provide international development capacity building services to Latin American countries while building cross-cultural global partnership development competencies of high school and university students, and 4-H and FFA emerging leaders.

The purpose of this delegation trip to Costa Rica is to provide our NC State 4-H/FFA/Shelton student leaders the opportunity to develop youth leadership programs in Costa Rica (and potentially other Central American countries) and provide international experiential opportunities for these NCSU student organizations. The NC State University delegation is seeking new and established Costa Rican institutions and partners to share the wealth of experience of 4-H, FFA programs and the Gen. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center. These program initiatives will provide cultural immersion experiences to our organization student and faculty leaders as well provide a platform to develop youth-oriented leadership training for young people in small business development, agriculture, environmental conservation, and the incorporation of technology in the successful implementation of these endeavors.

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