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Phone – Technology


  • Many of the places we stay will have WiFi.
  • If you bring an “unlocked” cell phone, for less than $15 you can purchase a sim card in Costa Rica and prepay minutes so you can make calls within Costa Rica (this does not allow you to make calls outside of Costa Rica).
  • If you purchase a Voice over Internet Plan (VoIP) like “Magic Jack”, then you can load an App on your phone and anywhere you have access to WiFi you can make phone calls to the continental USA and Canada for free.
  • You can also purchase a cheap phone in Costa Rica and get prepaid minutes.
  • Call your phone company to check out your options

Emergency Contact Information

Only in a true emergency call (919) 868-5989. This will connect you with group organizer, Dr. Shannon McCollum. Note that we will be visiting places with no phone service and so if you get no answer, she will get back to you as quickly as she gets the message.

Smart Phone App

Screen Shots of Green Notes
Green Notes , a mobile app from Purdue on Costa Rican plants, written by NCSU Professor Lori Unruh Snyder.