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Cinco Ciebas:
Rainforest Reserve and Adventure Park

http://www.cincoceibas.com/ "The park is situated on Finca Pangola, an 1100 hectare mix use farm in the northern zone of Costa Rica. It’s one of the largest members of the Costa Rican Bird Route and the only site in Central America where the jungle is accessible by means of an elevated boardwalk. In addition, it’s the only site where visitors can observe primary forest with huge trees without getting onto the forest floor. Some of those trees are by far the largest know in Costa Rica. All the buildings on the reserve were built with local materials including lumber from the reforestation initiated in the year 2000."  The site park is certified carbon neutral.

Image by Emmanuelle Bourgue

Arenal Volcano
National Park

Image by Marianne Muegenburg Cothern[/caption] http://www.arenal.net/

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