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Red Eyed Treefrog

Red-Eyed Treefrog
Image by Javier YSales

Youth Leadership in the Americas

1. Participants will gain a greater understanding of Costa Rican society, from the larger context of historical, geo-political, socio-economics, and agriculture issues of communities visited.

2. Participants will understand the historical human impacts of the involvement of 4-H or other sister organizations through documentary studies of the community leadership citizens.

3. Participants will explore the educational systems for children and teachers in related agricultural and natural resources to examine strategies for future assistance in educational enhancement.

4. Participants will strengthen relationships and consistent contracts with local universities, and partnerships (earth University, People First Tourism)

5. Participants will conduct basic needs assessments to assist in developing strategic plans for future student involvement (including 4-H, FFA, Shelton Scholars) seeking; collaboration with universities and NGO’s. A goal will be to develop scope and sequence for future involvement.

6. Participants will have an opportunity to critically reflect on their experiences and share their experiences and deliverables with 4-H, FFA, Support Groups, NCSU faculty and students.